A Brand New Study Experience!


A Brand New Study Experience!

Grab a friend and come join us! This Digital Bible Study Bundle is designed with you in mind!


Are you wrestling with anxiety and worry thinking about the future? Do you struggle to believe God has a plan for the world today and that you can trust Him to take care of you? Moses and the people of Israel held so many misconceptions about God’s capabilities and His character.


Yet God faithfully proved to them that He is the God who always keeps His promises. Nothing remained outside of His authority and no problem could confound His wisdom. He would always make a way.


So whatever binds you, whatever fear plagues your mind and consumes your heart, whatever worry floods your soul, whatever habit shackles your body causing you to run from God in fear, the Victor is coming.


He goes to battle for you: front lines, flying arrows, earth-pounding hooves, shattered fortresses, and clanking chains.


He’s coming to free you.


This study is more than a coffee date. It’s a Freedom March.

You have 3 opportunities to participate in the teaching:

*Live in person

*Live via Livestream

*Watch a replay link at your own convenience


You have 3 Levels of Participation:

*Engage in the weekly teaching sessions

*Follow along in the Bible Reading plan and discuss in the Private Facebook Group: Perfect for busy moms and working women!

*Dive deep into a daily study lesson to really connect with God and grow in your faith: A wonderful option on those days when you really need an extra faith boost!


Jump In Now!

My God Fights for Me: Standing Securely in an Unstable World starts Monday, September 14th!

Access the Bible Study Bundle

Mobilize your small group, some women at your church or in your community or a couple of your friends! NOW is the time to be in God’s Word.

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Erica Wiggenhorn is a Bible study author and national teacher who loves to bring the Word of God to women’s conferences, church retreats or across her own kitchen table. She is the author of several books and speaks regularly in various venues. You can connect with her at ericawiggenhorn.com