Advent Part 2 — When Your Joy Is Gone

This week in our VLOG series we are featuring Let There Be Joy by Carol McCleod! This heartwarming advent devotional is sure to soothe your soul as you pause and reflect on the wonder of Christmas! To enter to win, simply comment below, telling us one person who brings JOY to your life and how they do so!

The Joy of Friendship

In Luke’s gospel, we meet Elizabeth who is hiding out all alone in her pregnancy. Too afraid of suffering the shame of yet another unborn child, even in her miracle, she is afraid to rejoice. So she hopes and waits- alone. God in His goodness sends her Mary and together they dance in jubilant revelry over their miracle pregnancies! It is a wonderful gift to have a friend with whom we can share our joy, isn’t it?

Sometimes, however, our friends cannot share our joy with us. Not because they don’t want to, but simply because in their own brokenness, they can’t. Then we have a decision to make- will we offer them grace even though they cannot celebrate with us, or will be go away angry?

This advent season, reflect on those relationships God graciously has given you. Those who share your joy! Be a friend like that. And when you can’t, because you are walking through a season of shattered dreams, a broken heart or some other devastation, be a friend to yourself and give yourself grace!

Erica is the author of the Unexplainable Series– two Bible studies on the Book of Acts released by Moody Publishers.