Re: It’s Time to Do Life Differently!

I’ll keep this short today! Here’s what I’d share with you if you were sitting next to me: I’m hearing so many people discouraged and discontent. I get it. We […]

3 Women Changing the World

Who are these three women changing the world? What knowledge do they have and what habits do they possess? I’ve been observing them. I promise this article won’t exhaust you […]

Re: How Does Gratitude Affect You?

How Does Gratitude Affect You? People are always telling us we should be grateful– to have an attitude of gratitude, but why? Is it because it is the right thing […]

This Is What I Heard You Say…

Last spring I sent out a survey to all of you in my Godfidence Girls email community asking how to be best serve you. This is what I heard you […]