Princess Bride Theology

Anybody out there like to watch movies? My kids’ current fav is The Princess Bride. They quote the movie as it is playing along, laughing hysterically at scenes they have watched a […]

Divine Detours

When you get in your car in the morning and pull out of your driveway, don’t you generally have a plan for where you’re going? I’m not really one to […]

Confessions of A Frazzled Mom

Here we go again. The look. Oh, you know the one. We’ve all gotten one at some point in our mothering career. Or given it. The scornful glare from the […]


A few summers ago, we were wonderfully blessed to be able to build a pool in our backyard. Yesterday morning after spending nearly an hour in the Transformation Room, aka […]

Extremely ME!

Am I the only weirdo who asks, “What am I EXACTLY supposed to be doing here anyway?”. I know all of the pat answers: make the world a better place, glorify God, tell others about Jesus. And I agree with all of those things, but my question goes deeper. “How? What does that specifically look like amidst my daily responsibilities? How am I supposed to do that in my current circumstances and season of life?

Trekking Towards The Light

What if this were your last Christmas on earth? What special tradition would you want to create with your family? What message would you want to leave? This is the […]

Why I Want To Shelf The Elf

Go ahead, call me a Grinch or a Bah Humbuger! I’ll take it. I’m just going to be honest- The Elf is wearing me out! As I attempt to prepare my […]