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Keep Building!

Construction seems to be an inescapable part of my life right now. Living on the western edges of the suburbs of Phoenix, there is a freeway being built in between where I live and where actual civilization dwells. Every morning on the way to take my children to school, to get to work, or even […]


Relationally dysfunctional kingdom citizens are terrible advertisements for life with God being a better way~ Ed Stetzer President of Lifeway Research. Whenever I visit someone’s home, I always love to walk through their family rooms and hallways and look at their pictures. The snapshots that are proudly displayed there are usually the moments when the […]

The Diamond In The Rough

Have you browsed the Women’s Interests section in your local Christian bookstore recently? You can find  books on adoption, setting boundaries, building better familial relationships, managing your time, become a more effective ministry leader, disciplining your children, suffering loss, overcoming insecurity, what “Christian dating” should look like, and the topics go on and on. In […]