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How To Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk

Anybody else speak words to themselves better left unsaid? How do we get rid of this self-destructive habit and speak truth to ourselves instead? This week on the VLOG Karen Jordan gets us going on the right path with her book Words That Change Everything. And I’m offering a FREE COPY to those of you who comment on the […]

Advent Part 3 — When the Holidays Are Hard

Sometimes the holidays can be merry and bright. Other times, when our soul has been pierced, the holidays produce a gaping wound. This week in our VLOG we are going to look at a practical and timely book by Anita Brooks entitled Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over. Sometimes Holidays Are Hard When Mary and […]

Advent Part 2 — When Your Joy Is Gone

This week in our VLOG series we are featuring Let There Be Joy by Carol McCleod! This heartwarming advent devotional is sure to soothe your soul as you pause and reflect on the wonder of Christmas! To enter to win, simply comment below, telling us one person who brings JOY to your life and how they do […]

Handling Halloween As A Christian

Handling Halloween as a Christian family is starting to get tricky at our house. With a middle school girl and boy at home, the Disney princess and super hero costumes have lost their allure. What’s left to choose from is either scary or frankly, a bit more seductive than I prefer. Ask Yourself Questions Yesterday, […]

5 Super Simple Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

October is pastor appreciation month- so here are 5 super simple ways to encourage them. 1. Acknowledge Their Presence I know it sounds weird, but so often after stepping out from behind the lectern or off of the stage, pastors feel invisible. People hesitate approaching them. A simple, “Good to see you!” or “Thanks for […]

How to Find Joy In the Unexpected, Turtles In the Road

Through the month of September, I’m highlighting some of my favorite authors. Rhonda & Kaley Rhea, a mother-daughter dynamic duo deliver the whole package: suspense, laughter and sweet biblical truths to soothe your searching soul when it comes to finding God in the midst of the struggle. Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time! […]

Why We Can Approach God With Confidence

Praising God—focusing on who God is—builds our trust because we believe more strongly in His loving intentions for us. The example of the heart connection between Moses and God can inspire us to praise God confidently. God wants you to know Him. God seems so huge and distant we can wonder if He cares enough […]

Combatting Back-To-School Anxiety with the Power of Prayer

This week on the blog,  guest blogger Edie Melson, shares practical tips combatting back-to-school anxiety with the power of prayer. She is the author of While My Child Is Away, a power packed book offering prayers of protection and peace when our children leave our care and comfort. — Erica When I was growing up, back-to-school was an […]