May I Introduce You to My Publisher?

THE UNEXPLAINABLE CHURCH VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH The Unexplainable Church Virtual Book Launch is on June 6. This study covering Acts 13-28 is another title releasing in Moody Publishers Women’s line […]

It’s Not A Party Without You!

After all of the research, writing and waiting, The Unexplainable Church is here! Which means it’s time to celebrate what God has done! So, of course, we’re having a party! […]

The Unexplainable Church Launch Team!

I just posted a video with an exciting update on the release of The Unexplainable Church on my Facebook Page – Click here to watch the video!  I have a very […]

The Unexplainable Church is Coming!!!

Exciting news today! My next study The Unexplainable Church: Reigniting the Mission of the Early Believers is on it’s way! This study picks right back up where An Unexplainable Life […]

Hey Church, It’s Time for Our Epic Comeback

It’s been the year of the epic comeback: The Cubs, The Patriots, The Conservatives. Love ’em or hate ’em, what appeared impossible swept in with an unexpected surge and result. […]

What’s The Purpose of Social Media Anyway?

Social media keeps me sane and drives me insane- anybody relate? When life hits hard, I love the distraction of social media. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I love the connection. […]

What Could God Do In 50 Days?

Do you have hopes and dreams for your life, friend? Plans you’ve been processing inside of your heart and your head? Have you considered what God’s hopes and dreams for […]

An Unexplainable Life VLOG #8 Our Unexplainable God!

This week’s VLOG series is entitled Our Unexplainable God. These teaching sessions accompany the Bible study An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Wonder & Devotion of the Early Church available on Amazon. […]

An Unexplainable Life VLOG #7

Jesus prayed just before His death that the mark of His followers might be unexplainable unity. He prayed that those who followed Him would love one another so deeply the […]