The Best Heirloom You Can Leave

The Heirloom We Long to Leave It happened again. I had wanted to remain calm, but before I knew it, the conversation erupted into another shouting match. Then the self-defeating […]

Re: How Does Gratitude Affect You?

How Does Gratitude Affect You? People are always telling us we should be grateful– to have an attitude of gratitude, but why? Is it because it is the right thing […]

Recover Your Wonder this Christmas

We pulled into the Christmas tree farm and I immediately fought back tears. Memories flooded back. Walking through endless rows and rows of thick, bountiful trees towering over our heads, […]

A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

A Different Kind of Mother’s Day Mother’s Day looks a little differently this year, doesn’t it? Typically we go to church in the morning where I get to hug all […]

What’s The Purpose of Social Media Anyway?

Social media keeps me sane and drives me insane- anybody relate? When life hits hard, I love the distraction of social media. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I love the connection. […]