Everyday Folks Living Unexplainable Lives

an-unexplainable-lifeActs of the Apostles really isn’t a very good name for the book of Acts. Maybe Acts of the Holy Spirit or Acts of the Church, but truly the apostles play a secondary role. Other than Peter and John, none of the others are hardly even mentioned. But the regular guys and a handful of women are ushered onto center stage and do the unexplainable!

The book of Acts actually is the story of everyday people living unexplainable lives through the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of them. Unquestioned obedience, crazy, wild faith, simple, selfless service and miraculous conversions in between is the story of Acts- and it thrills me! Why? Because I’m an everyday girl taking care of my family in a Phoenix suburb. I pack lunches, fold laundry, and run carpools. The supermarket and soccer field are my evangelistic venues. I live a fairly predictable life in a pretty small circle. Yet people like me are exactly the ones God called to do the unexplainable in the book of Acts. People just like little ol’ you!

In a world where we are so digitally connected, our smallness is highlighted. We interface with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people daily, viewing trends in the media and online. Our corner of the world shrinks rapidly. It takes all of our time just to keep up with what the big shots of the world are up to. But God never used the big shots. He used an obscure widow named Tabitha, a prayerful merchant names Lydia, and a generous encourager like Priscilla. Regular Joes and Josephines.

I think we often get too wrapped up in who we are not. We’re not bold like Peter. We’re not merciful like John. We’re not theological like Paul. We’re just, well, ourselves. We don’t feel important or as though we can really make a difference. Read through Acts, my friend. If you are obediently living your life, faithfully carrying out your responsibilities, and prayerfully committed to your local faith family, you are exactly the kind of person God uses. You may not visibly see it. You may not know how what you said or did blessed someone else. You may not be aware that others are watching you. But I can assure you, God is at work in and through you- and it’s unexplainable because He operates in the extraordinary!

Now consider: When God suddenly says, “Go!” or “Call Paul to come help you,” will you obey? Will you open your front door like Lydia or selflessly use your skills like Tabitha? Will you take the time to listen and encourage like Barnabas? Will you serve alongside your husband like Priscilla? These are the people God is looking for- in between making the casserole, scrubbing the toilet, and hunting down that missing sock. Every day people doing their everyday things, allowing Him to come in amongst their lives and do the unexplainable.

How has someone unexpectedly served you or encouraged you? How did it make you feel?

Who is one person you can encourage this week? Why is encouragement so important?

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