Got Godfidence?

 Welcome to Girls with Godfidence!

Have you got Godfidence? Faith that God will act in a right, proper or effective way. Most of us believe this in a 30,000 foot view kind of way, but as we wrestle through an immediate circumstance, we wonder how things will work out. Sometimes we feel alone, isolated, like no one really understands what we are going through. Or worse yet, no one actually cares.
But more often than not, those doubts and isolation are the lies of our enemy. Godfidence happens with girlfriends– sisters in Christ who will help you focus on truth when you need a faith boost. People to pray for you and encourage you to call to mind the greatness of your God. Women who will point you toward your purpose and remind you that you matter. That’s what this group is about.

What do Girls with Godfidence look like?

  • They celebrate their sister’s successes
  • They seek the truth and live it out
  • They walk in confidence because their trust is in their Heavenly Father who cares for them and will give them what they need in any and every situation.
This is a Facebook group by women and for women who want more Godfidence in their lives!
Come on in and invite a friend! Girls with Godfidence Group

Why Girls with Godfidence?

Because this world needs strong women of faith and courage.

Because you were not meant to walk this life alone.

Because having a group of women reminding you of the truth and encouraging you to live it out changes everything.

So jump on in and receive:

Daily inspiration

Practical Biblical teaching

Prayer Support

Curated content prepared specifically for you

Creative challenges to keep you on track in your faith journey and growing in Godfidence

Some other fun surprises!

What have you got to lose? Join the Girls With Godfidence Group Today!


Erica Wiggenhorn is the Founder of Every Life Ministries which invites you to live with Godfidence by embracing your unique purpose, believing God’s promises and living by His power. She is an award winning author of several Bible studies including Unexplainable Jesus: Rediscovering the God You Thought You Knew and loves to bring Biblical truth to anyone who will listen. Find out more about Erica and her ministry or connect with her via the Girls with Godfidence Group!