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Have You Ever Felt Disappointed by the Church?

I try and be a good mom who supports my kids. But I’ll confess something and I’m probably not alone here: sitting through their school concerts sounds a lot like this to me:

School Concert

And hearing from a lot of women who have sat through months of Zoom Sermons, Sunday morning does too. They have felt disappointed by the church.

Redefining Church

The disappointment may come from a misunderstanding. The church, by definition, isn’t a worship set and a sermon. Those are events at church, but not the church. We feel disappointed because we realize church is not actually happening across our zoom screen. Church involves community. People hearing and knowing us. Church is the body of Christ growing and exercising their faith together. Meeting one another’s needs.

Holy Moments

A Christmas tradition I had to forego this year, another disappointment, includes the Phoenix Symphony performing Handel’s Messiah at Camelback Church. Music moves me in ways silence cannot. And the melancholy tunes of Isaiah 53 to the thunderous, “For our LORD God omnipotent reigneth! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” allow me to tap into all of the emotions evoked by God coming to earth in the form of a helpless babe to save the world. Each instrument seems to uniquely convey a thought, a feeling, to awaken awe within me over an attribute of God. No disappointment at the end of that concert– ever!

The Symphony

However, we feel disappointed by the church because we have only had access to a handful of instruments within the symphony. Most ministry has become relegated to the sidelines because the concert halls have been closed. And until you and I take our seat in the symphony, we will continue to feel disappointed. Because God designed each of us to play our part, even if our reeds are cracked, our instrument is out of tune, or we haven’t taken the time to study the sheet music in awhile. The church is the body of Christ, creating a melody of beauty to awaken awe and wonder in a world that only thunders notes of woe and gloom.

Get your Hallelujah Back!

On Saturday, February 6th, the Estrella Baptist Association is sponsoring a one day event entitled Symphony and I’d love for you to come! It’s time to get your Hallelujah back! Stop dwelling in disappointment and discover how to invite more Holy Moments into your life in this season.This is what I will be teaching from 9 am-3 pm for three sessions.

You can attend in person or host your own event at your church or community center via livestream. To find out more and/or register, visit South Peoria Baptist Church

Come sit in your unique section in the symphony and awaken the awe and wonder of playing your part.

I hope to see you there!

Erica Wiggenhorn is an author of several Bible studies published by Moody Publishers and encourages women to embrace God’s purpose for their lives, believe His promises and live in His power. She feels unbelievably blessed to attend a Sunday morning building full of The Church blasting loudly the praises of The King!