An Invitation to a Brand New Online Community

My latest study is here! But since it’s summer time, I know my friends are here, there and everywhere! So guess what? I am organizing a brand new online community for The UnexplainableChurch! We are going to study online beginning Thursday, June 22nd.

Covering Acts 13-28, The Unexplainable Church: Reigniting the Mission of the Early Believers is an in-depth study of the power of grace to change lives, starting with our own and moving out to those we influence. And together, we are going to walk through these pages of Scripture and experience our amazing God use ordinary people to do extraordinary things!


The online study/community will consist of the folloiwng components:

 Weekly Facebook Live video teaching and instruction
 A verse-by-verse study of Acts 13-28 (50 lessons over 10 weeks)
Biblical, theological, and historical insights
Text-based discussion questions and community forum (Facebook Group)


Want to find out more about this online community? Click Here!
Ready to explore the Bible study book? Find it here!
Hope to see you there, friend! And may God do the unexplainable in, among and through us!