Southwest Church Connection Video Is Here!

Southwest Church Connection hosts a women’s camp at Prescott Pines Conference Center every September. Themed It’s Time To Ldsc_0221ive on Point, we got serious! A call to return to the mission and vision of the early church, we spent the weekend going through the book of Acts, examining the lives of the early believers and the unexplainable change that occurred both individually and collectively among them. Based upon the latest study An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Joy and Wonder of the Early Church, we discussed things that hold us back from living the full and abundant life Christ intends to give us! And man, did the Spirit ever move! He challenged us to boldly step out in faith and believe Him when He tells us we have everything we need to follow Him to unexplainable places!


This video covers the first night of the camp. The rest of the sessions will also be posted as they become available! To watch the video, click here! What an incredible group of women attended! They inspired my socks off! Loving and serving in their communities, sharing the gospel with their neighbors and friends, and opening their hearts to follow Jesus wherever He may choose to send them. I simply could not get enough of their stories and their smiles. Unexplainable women of God!

thunerclapimage-jpgFor more information about Erica’s study An Unexplainable Life, click here.

Next week I will resume my VLOG series on An Unexplainable Life, but will add links if more videos from Southwest Church Connection are available for viewing! If you would like to be directly notified when more videos are added, you can follow my Vimeo channel here.

Daniel Hartman produced this video in conjunction with Prescott Pines Camp. To contact him, email

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