The Pentecost Challenge!

The Pentecost Challenge One thing I continue to ask myself in this crazy season is, “What does God long to accomplish in His daughters at this time?”. For the last two generations, many women have found themselves wearing countless hats, pulled in one hundred different directions and redefining family. It’s time for the Pentecost Challenge!  Now, […]

3 Reasons Why Women’s Ministry is Vital

Women’s Ministry is vital to the growth of the kingdom and the health of the church. Does your church encourage you to exercise your gifts? A lack of commitment to build and support women’s ministry results in stagnant and weakened churches. Here are three reasons why: 1. The Uniqueness of Women I felt a rush […]

Don’t. Miss. This! Today Only!

Today Only! Moody Publishers is offering 50% off all DVD Sets and Study books on all titles in the Unexplainable Bible Study Series! So if you’ve been looking for a new study for yourself or your small group or women’s ministry, here’s an opportunity to check them out at half off! A Little Preview Here’s […]

One Simple Step Toward An Unexplainable Life

I often meet people who want to live unexplainable lives. They desire to make a difference in the world. They want their voice to be heard, believing God has given them a message to share. Making sense of their pain includes helping someone else safely make it down the same difficult road. This craving of […]

How To Discover Your Divine Invitation, The Unexplainable Church

Do you believe you have a divine invitation? Have you discovered what it is? The story of Acts and The Unexplainable Church opens with the beautiful scene of the five leaders in the church at Antioch pausing from their work and worshipping the Lord. In the midst of this moment of praise and wonder of God, […]

3 Things Every Believer Must Pursue, The Unexplainable Church

Paul’s prayer in the Ephesian letter jumped off the page at me. In Ephesians 1, he breaks out in praise over what God accomplished in Christ, yet prays for every believer to fully grasp it all. In other words, Paul says, there are aspects of your salvation you have not yet realized and these are […]

The Unexplainable Church, Why Doesn’t God Show Up?

Why hasn’t God shown up? The Philippian Church needs Paul to answer this question. They want to know why God has not chosen to intervene in Paul’s circumstances. And if you are anything like me, you’ve got some circumstances in which you’re also wondering if and when God is going to show up! That One Time […]

The Unexplainable Church, Hospitality & the Whole Truth

I despise confrontation. Like stomach all twisted in knots, can’t sleep the night before, despise it. Scripture links hospitality with telling the whole truth. Somehow, offering hospitality in the wake of a difficult conversation opens the door to meaningful conversation. Hospitality opens the door into your world. When I confront someone, I am stepping into […]

The Unexplainable Church, How to Respond when the Door Won’t Open

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the door just won’t open. Closed doors do not always signify a work of opposition against us. Sometimes they are the divine guidance of a loving Father. The story of The Unexplainable Church tells us God opens and closes doors with great purpose. Paul needed a big lesson in […]

The Unexplainable Church, “I Have Nothing to Offer” & Other Lies We Believe

I Have Nothing to Offer I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I’d like to be involved, but I have nothing to offer.” I understand this fear of inadequacy. It’s a lie from the enemy. You DO have something to offer, He knows if you believed in your value, we would have The Unexplainable Church. 3 […]

5 Tests You Must Take To Step Into Your Calling

What’s the difference between a duty and a calling? Duty arises out of a need, but a calling keeps coming back again and again in the depth of your soul. It may or may not be something you ever thought you would do. And doubt in your ability to fulfill it often accompanies the Holy […]