Hope After Looking Into the “Ugly Mommy” Mirror

One of the hardest things about parenting is seeing yourself in your child’s behavior. Not the good things, but the behaviors you’d rather keep under wraps. This week I heard about an “incident” at school and how my child lashed out at his teacher. Ironically, I had lashed out at my child that very morning […]

Help! I’ve Lost My Wonder Woman Cape!

Ever wonder what happened to your cape? I had a red Wonder Woman cape that looked just like this when I was a little girl and I wore it everywhere. And when I got really into my role playing I actually believed I was Wonder Woman, lassoing all sorts of invisible villains and hauling them […]

3 Simple Steps To Put Your Spiritual Gift(s) Into Action!

Last week we discussed how every believer in Christ has been given a spiritual gift. God calls us to put those gifts into action! Don’t know your spiritual gift? Then check out last week’s blog post: Is God Calling You? At the end it includes a link to take a gift spiritual gifts assessment to help […]

Is God Calling You?

Meet Elijah. He’s a Tishbite. This means he’s a farmer from Tishbe, located in Gilead on the east side of the Jordan River. From Scripture, that’s about all we know about his background. Was Elijah a priest? No. Did he belong to a prestigious family? No. Had he lived a righteous life? No idea. Was […]