One Thing I Secretly Wish Every Christmas

I heaved a huge sigh as I slammed the car door shut. Turned on the car and the gas tank read empty. Exactly how I felt- depleted. I desperately needed to be filled. But yet again, the holiday madness demanded more of me. Gifts to buy and wrap. Cards to send. A pantry to stock. […]

Hope After Looking Into the “Ugly Mommy” Mirror

One of the hardest things about parenting is seeing yourself in your child’s behavior. Not the good things, but the behaviors you’d rather keep under wraps. This week I heard about an “incident” at school and how my child lashed out at his teacher. Ironically, I had lashed out at my child that very morning […]

Hope When The Holidays Hurt

A groan erupted from deep within me as another Christmas carol started on the radio. I mentally counted off how many more days until Christmas would be over. Then I tabulated how many Christmas events I had to endure. My father had recently passed away and Christmas memories with him pierced through my heart. Every […]

One Essential Secret In How To Find Happiness

So I’m told the holiday season is here. Take a trip to the mall and the sights and sounds of the holidays are everywhere. The season of joy. Yet the people in the parking lot are aggressive. The shoppers in line are pushy. Moms elbow their way past each other in the Lego aisle. I’m […]

3 Essential Lessons When The Holiday Madness Encroaches

If you stop by during the holidays I cannot guarantee what my kitchen may look like, nor what homemade paper shapes might be hanging from the chandelier in the dining room, but I will offer you one delicious cookie that you can eat at your own risk!

3 Fun Tricks To Make Halloween A Treat

I could boycott Halloween. I could try and shelter my children from the sights and sounds of this annual holiday. Or I could take this opportunity and use if for good.

3 Incredible Truths Moms Wished Dads Knew & How To Tell Them

It took over 5 years of marriage before I learned how to communicate certain things to my husband effectively. It took 10 years for others. After 20-plus years of marriage there are times when conversations still get messy, regardless of how carefully I choose my words and timing. Relationships never become perfect, but they do […]

4 Surprising Results From My Social Media Hiatus

Last week I posted 5 Disturbing Signs That Caused Me To Step Back From Social Media giving you all a glimpse into how immersed I had become. It wasn’t easy to do. After all, rule number one according to every author, publisher and marketer is: stay in front of your audience. Don’t let them lose sight […]


Relationally dysfunctional kingdom citizens are terrible advertisements for life with God being a better way~ Ed Stetzer President of Lifeway Research. Whenever I visit someone’s home, I always love to walk through their family rooms and hallways and look at their pictures. The snapshots that are proudly displayed there are usually the moments when the […]