Figuring Out What You’re Really Afraid Of

God brought me to an ugly truth about myself. He tenderly and mercifully revealed to me that I cared more about how others perceived me than how He did.
“Child, you will never be the woman I created you to be, if you continue to live in fear of rejection by others.”

How To Exercise Enough Faith To Erase Doubt

It amazes me how my faith can be so strong in certain areas of my life and then appear almost minuscule in others. Anybody relate? Sometimes it seems no matter how feverishly I try and exercise my faith, doubt just won’t fully erase itself from my heart and mind. So I fret. I worry. I […]

Fortune Cookies

My coworkers and I have a restaurant in town that we like to frequent often. The good and bad news about this restaurant is that they have a gigantic bowl of individually wrapped fortune cookies. This mountainous bowl is in the back of the restaurant where no one actually witnesses how many of these cookies […]