Hope When The Holidays Hurt

A groan erupted from deep within me as another Christmas carol started on the radio. I mentally counted off how many more days until Christmas would be over. Then I tabulated how many Christmas events I had to endure. My father had recently passed away and Christmas memories with him pierced through my heart. Every […]

Why Jesus Won’t Rest

My children are working their way through the Bible this summer, reading stories and answering questions about them. The other day, one of the questions was, “What did God do on the 7th day?”. My son wrote down in his journal, “God took a nap”. I laughed out loud when I read it. You see, […]

Fortune Cookies

My coworkers and I have a restaurant in town that we like to frequent often. The good and bad news about this restaurant is that they have a gigantic bowl of individually wrapped fortune cookies. This mountainous bowl is in the back of the restaurant where no one actually witnesses how many of these cookies […]