Show Me A Mom With Peanut Butter on Her Pants!

I drove my kids to school in my pajamas yesterday, with peanut butter smeared all over my pants. The Backstory I was wolfing down my peanut butter bagel when I realized my husband was about to walk out the door for work. I grabbed the plastic specimen container and begged him to collect the poop […]

The Blessing of Becoming

For every coach, teacher, youth worker, children’s and youth pastor, and community volunteer…..this is for you. Thank you!

When You Want To Be Someone God Uses

I have noticed something in Scripture lately. There is a big difference between people who want to be used by God and the people God chooses to use. What’s the difference and how do we become the latter?

5 Disturbing Signs That Caused Me To Step Back From Social Media

OK, so I wouldn’t call myself an “over-poster” but, I do spend a fair amount of time sending out broadcasts on social media. I like to share funny stories about my kids and celebrate their successes just as readily as the next mom. I also like to encourage people and publicize the positive in a […]