5 Tests You Must Take To Step Into Your Calling

What’s the difference between a duty and a calling? Duty arises out of a need, but a calling keeps coming back again and again in the depth of your soul. It may or may not be something you ever thought you would do. And doubt in your ability to fulfill it often accompanies the Holy […]

3 Simple Steps To Live An Unexplainable Life With Your Money

I wonder what An Unexplainable Life might look like in the realm of our finances? A few months ago I had to clean out my mother’s house and move her into an assisted living home. While countless items were donated to a women’s shelter, I decided to keep less than a trunk load full of […]

An Unexplainable Life In The Storm

When my feet swung over the side of the bed this morning, they planted firmly on the ground, but everything felt shaky and uncertain. My circumstances swarmed around me like an angry sea. Waves of indecision crashed about, stinging my eyes with salty spray and blurring my vision. I felt paralyzed, unsure what was going […]