One Non-Negotiable For An Unexplainable Life!

Have you ever walked into your church foyer, seeing it swarming with people, and yet felt alone? Or perhaps attended a women’s event, had people smile and say, “Hello!” or even, “Cute dress!” yet felt invisible, sure that no one really saw you? In this world of constant connectivity, why do we find it so […]

4 Surprising Results From My Social Media Hiatus

Last week I posted 5 Disturbing Signs That Caused Me To Step Back From Social Media giving you all a glimpse into how immersed I had become. It wasn’t easy to do. After all, rule number one according to every author, publisher and marketer is: stay in front of your audience. Don’t let them lose sight […]


Relationally dysfunctional kingdom citizens are terrible advertisements for life with God being a better way~ Ed Stetzer President of Lifeway Research. Whenever I visit someone’s home, I always love to walk through their family rooms and hallways and look at their pictures. The snapshots that are proudly displayed there are usually the moments when the […]