The Pentecost Challenge!

The Pentecost Challenge One thing I continue to ask myself in this crazy season is, “What does God long to accomplish in His daughters at this time?”. For the last two generations, many women have found themselves wearing countless hats, pulled in one hundred different directions and redefining family. It’s time for the Pentecost Challenge!  Now, […]

The One Essential Secret To Living An Unexplainable Life

My kids always try conning me into helping them with their homework. It’s not because they can’t do it, they simply want it done quickly. It’s like I have some sort of secret homework potion that makes it get finished faster. Maybe you feel like you need some help figuring out what it truly means […]

How You Can Hope For Signs of Life

Sometimes life can feel petty, paltry, and mundane. It often feels this way to me after an exciting vacation or, more commonly, following a busy season when life suddenly seems to come to a halt. In the pause, I begin looking for signs of life.   I often wonder what life felt like to the […]