The Unexplainable Church, Unmasking A Fear of Inadequacy

For years I danced my heart out at the Masquerade Ball. Wearing a mask of striving, over-achieving and performance, I hid my deep fear of inadequacy. The enemy whispered lies saying, “It’s only a matter of time. They’re going to find out you’re a fraud. You really don’t deserve the good things that are happening […]

5 Tests You Must Take To Step Into Your Calling

What’s the difference between a duty and a calling? Duty arises out of a need, but a calling keeps coming back again and again in the depth of your soul. It may or may not be something you ever thought you would do. And doubt in your ability to fulfill it often accompanies the Holy […]

An Unexplainable Life Bible Study VLOG #3

Welcome To Every Life Ministries! This is the third teaching video in a ten week series based upon my latest Bible study An Unexplainable Life: Recovering The Wonder & Devotion of the Early Church. This study covers the exciting birth and expansion of the Christian church outlined in the book of Acts. In this portion, Unexplainable Courage, […]

3 Honest Reasons Why I Struggle With Women’s Bible Study

So I’m just going to be gut level honest today. Maybe you’ll relate. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged that you’re not alone in your feelings. I resisted women’s Bible study for years. Finally a friend dragged me to one, kicking and screaming. Here’s why. 1. I get nervous about meeting new people. Some of you may not […]