The Blessing of Becoming


We all have dreams for our children. Who or what we hope they might become. For years I prayed our daughter Eliana would find her niche- something she loved and could pour her passion and energy into. And in return, it would help mold and shape her into all she could be.

Our son seemed to have a ball at his feet before he could even crawl. Sports was an obvious outlet for him and he was blessed with many great coaches who fueled his athleticism, but also shaped his character. Eliana tried every activity I could think of, but nothing seemed to capture her heart. Until she met Ms. Elizabeth and climbed onto the back of a horse.

She doesn’t love it because she has won a thousand ribbons and is the best rider in the state. She loves it because Ms.Elizabeth has given her the blessing of becoming. She applauds Eliana for the rider she is today and encourages her to continue to become a better rider over time. She declares over Eliana all that she might become if she focuses, practices and follows her coaching. She assures Eliana that within her is a rider yet to fully be- but one who is always becoming.

Jesus was this kind of teacher. He didn’t draw a line in the sand and say, “This is who you must be!” thereby communicating to the disciples all that they were not. Instead, He told them all that they might become.

You will move mountains.

You will do the miraculous.

You will rule over the twelve tribes of Israel.

You will be my witnesses.

You will become all that you were created to be. 

He still admonished and corrected them when they foolishly disbelieved. He pointed them toward His power when they doubted, but He never disparaged them. He never shook His head at who they were. He gave them the blessing of becoming- by His power, strength and wisdom.

“When our Lord looked at us, He saw not only what we were- He was faithful in seeing what we would become! He took away the curse of being and gave us the glorious blessing of becoming.” AW Tozer

When I become frustrated as a parent because my children are not yet who I want them to be, I am reminded of the kindness and patience of Jesus. I am thankful for Ms. Elizabeth who reminds me to give the blessing of becoming. I take a deep breath and remind myself that God is not finished with me, nor is He is finished with my children. I bask in the blessing of becoming. And I remember the goodness and grace of God in our lives.

If your child doesn’t have a Ms. Elizabeth in their lives, I would challenge you to begin asking God to send one. Not only do coaches, teachers, youth workers, and friends pour into your child’s life, they also help you to see your child through new eyes. They press the pause button on parenting and allow you to focus on the progress and the becoming. They are as great a gift to you as they are to your child.

Who has poured into your child’s life? Take the time to say, “Thank you! You made a difference!”