The Pentecost Challenge!

The Pentecost Challenge

One thing I continue to ask myself in this crazy season is, “What does God long to accomplish in His daughters at this time?”. For the last two generations, many women have found themselves wearing countless hats, pulled in one hundred different directions and redefining family. It’s time for the Pentecost Challenge!

 Now, most of us, find our kids at home all day, trying to balance a work/family life without any clear cut boundaries, and an unprecedented form of isolation. We must connect so we remember we aren’t navigating the needs of home/family/work all alone!

A Solution to the Challenge!

The Pentecost Challenge offers a central focus to stay in the Word, witness the incredible work of God inside of homes during the epoch of the early church, and a launch pad to connect with other women over common conversations. It takes them as little as 5 minutes a day to participate, so it is doable for everyone.

Watch this one minute video to learn more!

When you join The Pentecost Challenge you will receive:
* Printable reading plan
* Curated worship playlist
* A 5 minute daily devotional in your inbox
* Some surprise videos keeping you on track (& laughing)
* Access to an encouraging community
* And so much more!

No more living a shadow of the life you were called to…it’s time to invite the Holy Spirit to radically transform you! Come join The Pentecost Challenge today!

Click the link to learn more: 

And invite a friend!

Erica Wiggenhorn is the author of An Unexplainable Life by Moody Publishers. She offers online Bible studies and various Downloadable Video Teaching to encourage and equip women to embrace God’s transformative power in their lives. You can connect with her at