The World Needs Strong Women of Faith & Courage!

The world needs strong women of faith and courage.

But lately??

Everything I once knew about my various roles as a woman has become uncertain and left me feeling anxious.

Can you relate?

I feel more courageous and strong when the boundaries of my responsibilities and roles are clear.

In the midst of the chaos we are all feeling, I’ve discovered 4 fundamental practices that help me live in peace and find strength.

I’ll be LIVE in a webinar on Wednesday, September 9, at 2pm talking about Transformational Leadership. Join me as we explore these important tools together!

Can’t catch it at that time? No worries! I will send you a replay link so you can watch the replay on your own timetable!

Want one more reason why you don’t want to miss this? I will be unveiling my latest study during this webinar along with a special discount code to get your copy at 50% off and the opportunity to be part of a private equipping webinar for Bible study influencers.


Hope to see you next week, friends! And invite a ministry partner, family member or friend! Learning and growing is always better together, amen?!