An Unexplainable Life VLOG #6

thunerclapimage-jpgHello! May I introduce you to the Holy Spirit please? He’s straight up unexplainable in character and action!


These teaching videos accompany my latest Bible Study An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Joy & Wonder of the Early Church. The study covers the first twelve chapters of the book of Acts in the New Testament.


With tension running high with our presidential election less than two days away, the timing of this portion of Acts is uncanny. Or shall I say, unexplainable? In the midst of persecution from both religious and civil authorities, the Holy Spirit bursts on the scene  with remarkable swiftness. Miracles happen left and right. The gospel spreads across Israel and to the surrounding nations. Racial and ethnic barriers dissolve. Long-standing biases, misunderstandings and tensions diminish. A unity among people who formerly disdained one another occurred under His power unexplainably exhibited in their lives. Oh that we could see such unity and revival today!

Is the Holy Spirit still at work? What does He do in the lives of Jesus followers today? Can He still do the unexplainable? If so, how do we prepare ourselves for such a work?

These are the questions we discuss in VLOG 6. Click here to watch:

Jesus’ disciple, John tells us that we have been anointed by the Holy Spirit and appointed for a special work from Him (I John 2:20). Just because we cannot see where He is headed does not mean He is not leading! This I do know- wherever He is going, I want to go too! How about you, friend? Are you up for the unexplainable?