An Unexplainable Life VLOG #8 Our Unexplainable God!

thunerclapimage-jpgThis week’s VLOG series is entitled Our Unexplainable God. These teaching sessions accompany the Bible study An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Wonder & Devotion of the Early Church available on Amazon.

The study covers the first twelve chapters in the book of Acts, namely the unexplainable transformation that occurred in the lives of the early believers when they chose to follow Christ.

One of the most unexplainable things about God is how he uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things! The apostle John wrote a letter in 3 John to his friend Gaius, emphasizing how the work of the kingdom is interwoven throughout all of its citizens, each one playing a fundamental role. Every member must work together for the truth.


As women we are called to advance the kingdom in our homes, our churches and our communities. In all three spheres were are either working for the truth or following another agenda! How do we know the difference?


I invite you to watch this session and discover the unexplainable impact God calls each of us to fulfill as we follow Him to places that have yet to be explained to us!

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