What’s The Purpose of Social Media Anyway?

Social media keeps me sane and drives me insane- anybody relate?

When life hits hard, I love the distraction of social media. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I love the connection. When I’m feeling  bored, I love the diversion. But oftentimes after looking at it, I feel emptier than when I started. Or I have a nagging feeling that I’ve just indulged in another guilty pleasure when I should have been doing something more productive. Or my heart feels heavier from all of the negativity and sadness that is out in this world.

Living An Unexplainable Life

I’ve contemplated many things this past year going through Acts and two things keep running through my mind.  To live an unexplainable life I’ve got to be intentional and faithful. Maybe it’s mid life crisis (I do have another birthday coming up!) but when it’s all said and done, I want this life to count. I want to have prioritized well, lived faithfully to God, my family and others. So how does that fit into my social media world? Can being on social media actually help accomplish those things in my life? Well, I’m suggesting it can and here’s how…..

Being Intentional and Faithful

What if we used social media precisely as a way to help each other be more intentional and faithful? Well I may be idealistic, but that’s my new goal. I’m going to give it a shot. Here’s how it’ll work:

Manic Monday Life Hacks-

We can share our best organizational, cleaning, managing, lifesaving tips with one another. I’m hoping some of you more seasoned ladies will sprinkle some flavoring into these recipes. (I know many of you don’t consider yourself mentors per se, but simply sharing the best way to keep track of the shoes in your house is exactly the advice a mom trying to get three kids out the door in the morning can use!) Can I get an “Amen!” from anyone? Let’s learn from one another and the things that drive us crazy today, we’ll be laughing about tomorrow.

Truth2U Tuesdays-

Maybe it’s Scripture, maybe it’s something I’ve learned (probably the hard way!), maybe it’s marriage advice (again, this will probably be something I’ve learned NOT to do!)- but it’ll be the truth. Even when it’s not pretty. Even when I’ve failed. Even when I was far from being enough, but God proved faithful. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged. This following Jesus life will make a little more sense and you’ll know you’re not alone in the journey.

What’s For Dinner Wednesdays-

Because who doesn’t love an easy, free and new recipe to try?! I recently posted a request for recipes on Facebook and got over 80 ideas! I am SET. But I just can’t keep all of this tasty treasure to myself, so I’d love to share. And I’d love to give you a forum to share and glean. So, we’ll share recipes and celebrate those days when we actually get a home cooked meal on the table that somebody in our family liked besides the dog.

Thankful Thursdays-

Life hit hard in 2016. In fact it pummeled me. My mom went from being the quick, in a pinch, phone call away from help, to an invalid. Within six months she was in a wheelchair unable to dress or feed herself. Overnight, she needed my help. My husband’s medical practice more than doubled in size. With the long term goal of working less, the immediate increase required many more hours at the office. He needed me to step it up on the home front. My daughter entered the world of junior high school. I signed two book contracts. Life took on a level of craziness I hadn’t seen coming at the end of 2015. And many, many days I lost perspective. A reminder to search for the beauty in the chaos jolted me back to reality. Hopefully we can provide that for each other.

Just For Fun Fridays-

It really is true that laughter is the best medicine. That’s why I love how we even see God having a sense of humor throughout the pages of Scripture. It’s good to laugh. And to laugh together. When we’ve made it through another week, we need to celebrate! Focus on some good. Usher in some fun. So maybe we’ll post memes that crack us up. Quotes that make us smile. Verses that cheer our soul. Recommend books we’ve loved. Share our favorite holiday DIY project. Who knows?  But it’ll be fun- and hopefully make our day a bit brighter as we head into the weekend.

So, who’s game?

I’ll post these daily doses of intentionality on my Facebook Page: Purpose, Promise & Power in Every Life and also on my Instagram: @EricaWiggenhorn

So, please, join the conversation. Invite a friend. Let’s make social media count, shall we?

Please let me know any ideas you have to include in these social media posts by commenting below 🙂