One Thing I Secretly Wish Every Christmas

I heaved a huge sigh as I slammed the car door shut. Turned on the car and the gas tank read empty. Exactly how I felt- depleted. I desperately needed to be filled. But yet again, the holiday madness demanded more of me. Gifts to buy and wrap. Cards to send. A pantry to stock. […]

One Essential Secret In How To Find Happiness

So I’m told the holiday season is here. Take a trip to the mall and the sights and sounds of the holidays are everywhere. The season of joy. Yet the people in the parking lot are aggressive. The shoppers in line are pushy. Moms elbow their way past each other in the Lego aisle. I’m […]

3 Essential Lessons When The Holiday Madness Encroaches

If you stop by during the holidays I cannot guarantee what my kitchen may look like, nor what homemade paper shapes might be hanging from the chandelier in the dining room, but I will offer you one delicious cookie that you can eat at your own risk!

Why I Want To Shelf The Elf

Go ahead, call me a Grinch or a Bah Humbuger! I’ll take it. I’m just going to be honest- The Elf is wearing me out! As I attempt to prepare my heart for Christmas and celebrating the day that God came to earth as a tiny baby boy, I’ll say it outright, I find no room for […]