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Combatting Back-To-School Anxiety with the Power of Prayer

This week on the blog,  guest blogger Edie Melson, shares practical tips combatting back-to-school anxiety with the power of prayer. She is the author of While My Child Is Away, a power packed book offering prayers of protection and peace when our children leave our care and comfort.

— Erica

When I was growing up, back-to-school was an exciting time. Sure, summer was over, but getting ready to return to the classroom had some really cool perks. I loved getting to go shopping with my mother and grandmother as we stocked up on everything from school clothes to school supplies. Beyond that, starting school meant I’d get to see the friends I’d missed over the summer, and truthfully, I really liked learning.

I have the same type of fond memories of sending my kids back to school each fall. I had boys, so there was a little less overt excitement, but I could tell it was there. To this day none of us can completely resist the tempting aisles of school supplies that pop up at the end of every summer.

But now the world has changed.

Every year it seems there is more violence associated with schools—from elementary school to college. Now, as we leave our kids in what used to be a safe haven, we wonder what type of evil can find its way inside. It seems that this joyful season has been overshadowed with fear and anxiety. But we don’t have to live with this underlying dread of what could happen.

We can do more than just wait and hope, we can pray.

Early on in their young lives I discovered that as much as I love my children, God loves them even more. He’s the only one who can be there with them when I can’t. So when I take my anxiety and fear to Him, I can rest assured that He hears me and is always on guard.

Power of Prayer

In While My Child is Away, I share some of the prayers that I wrote in my journals when my kids were growing up. I’m hoping these will jumpstart your own powerful prayers as you make it a daily habit to cover your children as they leave your loving care.

Yes, bad things can still happen. But no matter what our children face, God will always be there with them when we can’t.

Connect with Edie

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Find your voice, live your story…is the foundation of Edie Melson’s message, no matter if she’s writing for fiction readers, parents, military families, or writers. Her passion to help those who are struggling find the strength they need to triumph is reflected in the characters she creates and the insight she shares. As an author, blogger, and speaker she’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world.

She married the love of her life 35+ years ago and together they’ve raised three sons. Besides writing, Edie can often be found hiking in the out-of-doors with her camera slung across her back and her husband at her side. Connect with Edie further on, through FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

More About the Book:

Parents and children are separated for many reasons: divorce, school, camp, even work. It might be for just a few days or indefinitely. These prayers give voice to all that you are hoping for your child when you can t be the one to meet their needs. Prayers of blessings, protection, instruction and grace. Or prayers for those around your child to choose wisely, see their needs, and love them as you would. Prayers for friends, teachers, coaches and mentors to step in and fill every need. Knowing that a loving Father God is caring for your child, even when you can’t, gives you the peace and assurance that all will be well.