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A Little Preview

Here’s a snippet from my latest study: Unexplainable Jesus: Rediscovering the God You Thought You Knew.

Jesus hammering home our need for only the tiniest drop of faith hit me sharply in Luke’s gospel.


I often hear Christian


s lament, “If only I had more faith!” or shame one another that their life isn’t as blessed as it could be due to a lack of faith.

Jesus shifted the focus. He emphasized that it’s not great faith we need, it’s the tiniest amount of faith dropped into the hands of a great BIG God.

I don’t think we struggle with having enough faith, I think we struggle more with truly understanding the One in Whom we are placing our faith- just how good, kind and infinitely capable and caring He is.

My heart behind Unexplainable Jesus is to show people exactly that- we serve a loving Father Who cares for us deeply. He is trustworthy to do what is best for us- every single time. He knows what is breaking our heart and He alone can mend our soul. He will never leave us or forsake us and He is never indifferent to our pain.

Whatever you’re facing today- no matter how great the doubt and fear- place it into the hands of your great big God- trusting that His plans for you are good.


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Where Do I Fit?

The Unexplainable Church: Reigniting the Mission of the Early Believers awakens every believer to their unique purpose in the Kingdom of God. Each and every one of us have gifts and callings issued to us for divine purposes- fulfillment of them brings us the greatest satisfaction as we finally begin living out our highest purpose. If you suffer from sentiments of restlessness, lack of fulfillment or discontent, I dare you to discover your divine invitation and begin to live the life you were created for!