How God Calls Us To An Unexplainable Life


Have you ever felt restless in your spirit? Have you ever looked around and thought to yourself, “Surely there has to be more than this!” Have you ever been just plain bored with your life? I believe God often leads us to these places of barrenness because He is preparing us for a challenge. He is opening our eyes to the fact that we are made for so much more. Something greater. Something unexplainable. Maybe even dangerous.


We often dismiss the prompting of the Holy Spirit when we insist on playing it safe. It’s too reckless. It doesn’t make sense. No one will understand. They’ll think I’m crazy. And the truth is all of those descriptions could have been used to describe Jesus. He didn’t operate under the guise of common sense. In fact, one thing I’ve discovered about the person and work of Jesus is that as soon as I try and discern it through the lens of my own common sense I instantly make Him too small.


His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. He invites us to walk on water, perform miracles, and believe the impossible. God is not safe. He’s glorious. He’s incredible and definitely unexplainable. He’s sometimes dangerous.


If you are feeling like life is missing something, I’m going to give you a challenge. Ask Jesus if you’ve missed His prompting. Did you quench the work of the Spirit in your life because He invited you to follow Him to unknown places? Is He calling you now?


Honestly ask Him, “Jesus, do I want security or do I want You?” Listen for His answer. Before Jesus can do the unexplainable in our lives, we sometimes have to follow Him to places that have yet to be explained to us!


Jesus never tells us where He’s going. He simply says, “Follow me!”


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