Hey Church, It’s Time for Our Epic Comeback

It’s been the year of the

epic comeback: The Cubs, The Patriots, The Conservatives. Love ’em or hate ’em, what appeared impossible swept in with an unexpected surge and result. Maybe it’s time for the church to have our own epic comeback- and before you start thinking this is a church bashing post, think again. YOU are the church. I am the church. I’m talking about US. So what would our own epic comeback look like? Here are three game changers:


Open Your Front Door:

Just let somebody into your world- your real world. Not your virtual, coolest-selfies-ever world. But the cluttered counter, dusty coffee table, piles of laundry on the floor world. Be REAL. Because when you let me into your world, then I know you trust me, and when you let me see you’re not perfect, I know I can trust  you.

Your Kitchen Table:

My grocery store clerk commented wryly as she scanned my bottles of lemonade and iced tea, “Looks like you’re having a party.”

“Yes, I’ve got some friends coming over for dinner tonight.”

“Hmmmm,” she sighed, “You know, since I’ve moved here no one has ever invited me over for dinner.”

“Oh, did you move here recently?” I asked.

“Nine years ago,” she said glumly.

NINE YEARS! We don’t have to cook a gourmet meal, but there’s connection around a kitchen table or your couch that just doesn’t happen the same as it does at Starbucks.

Invest In Your Family:

I don’t care how nice you are to your coworkers- if you bash your kids and husband all day, no one is going to vote for you as MVP. If you want people to see Jesus in you, start by loving your family the way Jesus would. (Not super easy, I know! But epic comebacks require hard work, training and commitment, remember?) Be kind, compassionate, forgiving. When you love the people you live with, people know you are a loving person. And doors to share your faith swing wide open! If you’re single, notice the good in those around you, rather than complaining how they fall short. (It’s great training ground for marriage!).

I think we make it too hard. We’ve got the playbook. We’ve got the wisest Coach ever. We’re surrounded by millions of talented players. And we’ve got a secret stash of power: the Holy Spirit. Get up off the bench and step off the sidelines. Go be a game changer. It’s time for your epic comeback. The world is watching.

Erica is the author of An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Wonder and Devotion of the Early Church. The study covers Acts 1-12 in an expository style. For more information click here.