How To Get Rid of Negative Self-Talk

Anybody else speak words to themselves better left unsaid? How do we get rid of this self-destructive habit and speak truth to ourselves instead? This week on the VLOG Karen Jordan gets us going on the right path with her book Words That Change Everything. And I’m offering a FREE COPY to those of you who comment on the VLOG!

God’s Attributes vs. Our Own

David gives us some more advice in Psalm 40 where he reminds us to speak of God’s attributes instead of the mud and the mire into which our feet and our minds have often wandered. Instead of focusing inward on the things about ourselves we view negatively, David invites us to focus outward on God and His greatness!

Let’s Take the First Step Together…

So how about it, friend? Can you share with us one aspect of God that you find especially comforting or encouraging right now? Comment below and you will be entered to win a free copy of Words That Change Everything by Karen Jordan!Erica Wiggenhorn is a Bible study author and speaker. Her latest study The Unexplainable Church released by Moody Publishers covers the incredible story of Acts.