One Simple Step Toward An Unexplainable Life

I often meet people who want to live unexplainable lives. They desire to make a difference in the world. They want their voice to be heard, believing God has given them a message to share. Making sense of their pain includes helping someone else safely make it down the same difficult road. This craving of our soul reflects that we are made in the image of God. Our existence must go beyond ourselves to something greater.


So how do I live an unexplainable life?

Revelation tells us that the saints overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. One simple step toward an unexplainable life includes sharing our own stories of what God has done in our lives. Another equally powerful way is to share others’ stories in resolute faith that these testimonies will be used by God to help another overcome.


Unexplainable Stories of Hope & Healing

Over here at Every Life Ministries, we have just launched a brand new You Tube Channel entitled Unexplainable Stories of Hope & Healing loudly proclaiming testimonies of how these saints overcame. Why did we do this? Not only to  inspire you to share your own story, but also to provide hope to others who are waiting for their own friend, loved one, or even themselves to begin to experience breakthrough.

We have covered topics like:

Loneliness & Depression

Unexpected Teen Pregnancy

How to Reach Our Family Members with the Gospel

Hope & Healing from Opioid Addiction

Still to come are stories of hope and healing in foster care, loss of a loved one, caregiving through critical illness, sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts and depression, encouragement and hope for military spouses and more.

How YOU Become Unexplainable

Share these stories with your own circle of influence. Bring hope and healing to those around you, reminding them that Unexplainable Jesus is always more than enough to get them through. Sharing these stories with your loved ones lets them know that you care about them in their struggle and you want to encourage them in any way possible. Taking the time to say to someone else, “I see you!” can be a powerful tool.

You know what else is powerful? When the world sees Jesus’ followers loving one another well. Simply sharing a video on your social media platforms that says, “I care about my brothers and sisters who are struggling,” sends a strong message to a selfish world.

So, we would invite you to subscribe toUnexplainable Stories of Hope and Healing and be encouraged by what God is doing in people’s lives. We would encourage you to share these stories with others, believing that Unexplainable Jesus will use the testimony of His children to lead those in despair to a new place of hope and healing.

Because bringing hope to another saint or one seeking a Savior is the most impactful thing we can do in our lifetime.

Maybe the most unexplainable thing wouldn’t be a change in our circumstances, but a change in us~ Erica Wiggenhorn, An Unexplainable Life.


Erica Wiggenhorn is an author and Bible teacher who longs to ignite a passion for the Word of God in every follower of Jesus. She has written three bible studies released by Moody Publishers. and regularly speaks in various venues. To learn more about Erica and her ministry, visit her website at