RE: Can You Tell Me What You’re Looking For?

Can you tell me what you’re looking for in a bible study?

I started writing bible studies because I was looking for something deeper. Something to walk me through the Scriptures and experience God more intimately. An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Wonder & Devotion of the Early Church was the result. Over the past six months I have pored over the feedback I have received from all of you and taken several questions to the Lord in prayer.

An Unexplainable Life teaching DVDs are here!

In response to some of you, DVD sets are now available here!


Want to tell others about An Unexplainable Life?

For those of you wanting a promotional video of the book, here you go: An Unexplainable Life Book Trailer


The wait is almost over: the follow up study is coming!

For those who have asked: Yes! There is a follow up study: The Unexplainable Church: Reigniting the Mission of the Early Believers, which will cover Acts 13-28! As I am preparing for this release, I want to come alongside my fellow sojourners, and truly understand what you’re looking for as you sit down to encounter Jesus in His Word!

Please tell me what you’re looking for…..

Okay: now for some questions, so I know what you’re looking for……

  1. Do you prefer videos to accompany your study: yes or no?
  2. Did you utilize the Deeper Discoveries and Leader’s Guide off of my website: yes or no?
  3. How would you rate the daily homework for An Unexplainable Life: Too short/too long/just right?
  4. Did you utilize the journaling sections in the workbook: yes or no?
  5. What is one thing you would love to see in a future bible study?
  6. Would you recommend this bible study to a friend: why or why not?Thank you for sharing your heart with me! There is nothing more exciting than when I hear from YOU and you share what God has done in your life through the study of His Word. It thrills me beyond words! I am truly honored that you have allowed me to walk this faith journey together with you and I deeply appreciate you taking the time to help me do so with excellence!

To God be the glory!