Unexplainable Stories of Hope and Healing

Brand new YouTube series

For the last few months I’ve been interviewing real people share Unexplainable Stories of Hope and Healing.


Not only do these stories take the gospel and, “GO!” as Jesus commanded, these stories prove Jesus is ALIVE

 and at work in the lives of His followers! I pray many hear about the hope and healing available through Unexplainable Jesus!


An Unexplainable Prayer of Hope of and Healing


But you know what else I pray? That these stories become a catalyst for the church to begin loving one another well, as these people not only share the amazing power of Christ, but also practical ways to help others move toward hope and healing!


Let’s stop pretending there’s no one in our pews struggling with addiction, loneliness, depression, abusive relationships, grief and shame. Let’s open our hearts to Jesus’ healing and bear one another’s burdens, showing the world how Unexplainable Jesus truly is!

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I hope you’ll subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss an episode! I also hope you’ll share these videos on your own social platforms, because you never know who may be struggling silently and needs a dose of hope! Let’s love one another deeply and start by the simple message of these videos, “You are not alone!” Who’s with me?


Erica Wiggenhorn is the author of the Unexplainable Bible Study Series from Moody Publishers.

You can connect with her on her website at www.EricaWiggenhorn.com