How Long Will God Allow Me To Suffer?

How Long Will God Allow Me to Suffer? It would be so nice to have an end date, wouldn’t it? Some sort of scriptural template to understand God’s specific plan […]

The Holy Spirit

Who or what is the Holy Spirit? Growing up in my particular denomination we didn’t talk about the Holy Spirit much. When we did we called him a ghost! I […]

Re: It’s Time to Do Life Differently!

I’ll keep this short today! Here’s what I’d share with you if you were sitting next to me: I’m hearing so many people discouraged and discontent. I get it. We […]

Re: How Does Gratitude Affect You?

How Does Gratitude Affect You? People are always telling us we should be grateful– to have an attitude of gratitude, but why? Is it because it is the right thing […]

RE: When You Don’t Know How to Pray

When I Want to Pray and Don’t Know How The past week the images on my social feeds haunt me. The accounts of terror in Afghanistan seem surreal. I don’t […]