The Holy Spirit

Who or what is the Holy Spirit? Growing up in my particular denomination we didn’t talk about the Holy Spirit much. When we did we called him a ghost! I […]

Re: It’s Time to Do Life Differently!

I’ll keep this short today! Here’s what I’d share with you if you were sitting next to me: Iā€™m hearing so many people discouraged and discontent. I get it. We […]

Re: How Does Gratitude Affect You?

How Does Gratitude Affect You? People are always telling us we should be gratefulā€“ to have an attitude of gratitude, but why? Is it because it is the right thing […]

RE: When You Don’t Know How to Pray

When I Want to Pray and Don’t Know How The past week the images on my social feeds haunt me. The accounts of terror in Afghanistan seem surreal. I don’t […]

RE: Free Sneak Peek from my new book!

I so excited to tell you that my new book,Ā Letting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck and How Surrender Sets You FreeĀ launches on September 7th. But, rather than […]

Re: What Do You Need From Me?

I’m Your Biggest Fan! Last month IĀ emailed a surveyĀ asking you about your biggest challenges in your relationship with God. While I love chatting back and forth with you each week […]